SAN MATEO DUI .22—only a “wet reckless”!

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At 11:30pm, police watch a vehicle with a completely deflated (flat) tire traveling on the road at 35MPH.  The vehicle also had broken tail lamps. Police witnessed pieces of burnt rubber fly off the rim of the deflated tire.  Police stop the vehicle.

Police contact the driver, my client.  Police learn that client does not have a valid license.  They ask client if he knew that his tire was completely deflated.  Client replies that he does not.  They quiz client about whether or not client had just been in an accident.  Client denies being in any accident.  Police notice that client’s rear bumper is missing and ask client if he knows about it.  Client denies knowing anything about how the bumper was lost.

Police detect an odor of alcohol on client’s breath.  They ask client if client has been drinking.  Client admits that client has had four beers.  Police see that client’s eyes were watery.  Police have client exit vehicle to perform field sobriety tests.

Police locate missing bumper in roadway and notice skid marks around area in road where bumper is found.  Police cannot locate any vehicle or object that the vehicle may have struck.

Police have client perform the walk the line test.  Client loses balance and hops to the right.  Client raises client’s arms to maintain balance.

Police have client stand on one leg.  Client hops to maintain balance.  Client raises arms to maintain balance.

Police have client do the finger to nose test.    Client touches nostril instead of nose.

Police ask client to submit to roadside breath test.  Client declines.  Police arrest client.  Client submits to blood test, whose results are .22.

Client hires San Mateo DUI lawyer Mark Blair.  Mark goes to court and gets client’s case reduced to a “wet reckless” charge!

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