Oakland third offense DUI

Oakland third offense DUI plus hit and run and driving on a suspended license—NO DUI, just a drunk in public with a fine!

DUI attorney Mark Blair helped this client completely avoid a DUI, and it was a doozy!  After you read what DUI lawyer Blair did for this person, imagine how he can help you!

Witness leaving his friend’s house when he sees client driving at a very fast speed a vehicle that slams into witness’ parked car.  Witness rushes over to driver, my client, and asks for client’s license.  Client, driver, looks “drunk.”  Client gets out of vehicle and walks away from accident.  Witness calls police who arrive and spot client walking down the street.

Police stop and detain client.  Police smell a strong odor of alcohol on client’s breath.  Client has bloodshot eyes and staggers as client walks.  Witness identifies client as being the driver of the vehicle.   Police insist that client perform field sobriety tests.  Client refuses to do any field sobriety tests.  Police arrest client for DUI and hit and run and driving on a suspended license.  Blood results come back .18.  Client has two prior DUIs.  At court, client is charged with a third offense DUI, hit and run, and driving on a suspended license. Client is facing a minimum 120 days of jail.  Client is NOT convicted of a DUI.  Client is NOT convicted of a hit and run.  Client is NOT convicted of driving on a suspended license.  Client is ONLY convicted of being drunk in public.  Client is sentenced to NO jail, NO community service and a small fine.

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