Oakland DUI & Major Accident

OAKLAND THIRD OFFENSE DUI: major accident, speeding, spinning across three lanes of traffic, smashing into light post, roadside breath tests .160/.171 and blood results .18 BUT NO JAIL—only home detention!

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At approximately 4am, police spotted a vehicle that had spun out of control across three lanes of traffic and smashed into a light post and then continued to spin back into traffic lanes where it came to a stop.  Fortunately, it did not collide with any cars.  The accident debris was scattered across all lanes of traffic.  The vehicle sustained major front end damage.  The rear wheel was bent.  The right rear fender was smashed.  The windows were shattered.  The front windshield had caved into the vehicle.

When police arrived at the accident scene, they saw my client, the driver, next to the vehicle that had hit the light post.   Client admits to driving too fast, speeding, and losing control of the vehicle.  Client further admits drinking alcohol all night long to police.  Police notice that client’s eyes are bloodshot and watery.  Client’s speech is slurred.  Police claim that client was unsteady on client’s feet.

Police instructed client to do the tip of the finger to the nose test.  Client failed to touch the tip of the nose with client’s finger.  Then police have client perform the one leg stand.  Client failed to count as directed.  Client failed to hold leg up off ground as directed.  Finally, police had client do the walk the line test.  Client failed to walk in a straight line and failed to count correctly.

Police request that client submit to roadside breath tests.  Client provides roadside breath tests, whose results are .160/.171.

Police arrest client and transport client to jail where blood is drawn.  Blood results come back .18.  Client has two prior DUIs within the last 10 years.  At court, client is charged with third offense DUI that carries a minimum mandatory 120 days of jail…except that client did not get any jail!

Instead, client is sentenced to 120 days of electronic home monitoring, meaning that so long as client wears an alcohol monitoring device on client’s ankle, client could go to work, go home after work and never have to do one day of jail or even one day of work on the sheriff’s work program.  Moreover, client was not ordered to attend the 18 month DUI class.  And client saved hundreds of dollars, because client only had to pay the first offender DUI fine, not a third offender DUI fine!

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