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Alameda County DUI lawyer Mark Blair helped this person get out of a huge problem.

At 3am, police are in disbelief as they watch a vehicle roar by them at well over 100MPH.  Police speed to catch up to the vehicle.  In the meantime, they use LIDAR to measure the vehicle’s speed and are stunned to learn it is traveling at 153MPH.  They pull the vehicle over.

When they contact the driver, my client, police detect an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle.  They observe my client’s eyes to be red and watery.  They direct my client to exit the vehicle to perform field sobriety tests.

Police examine client’s eyes for nystagmus (involuntary bouncing of the eye due to alcohol).  They have client try to track an object that police move through client’s field of vision.  Police detect nystagmus before 45 degrees in both eyes, and sustained nystagmus in the corners of both eyes.

Client does not do the walk and turn test well.  Client misses the heel to toe routinely and has at least a three inch gap between each heel to toe position.

Client submits to roadside breath tests, whose results are .174 and .170.  Police arrest client who hires DUI attorney Mark Blair.   District Attorney’s  office not only files a DUI, but a “speed enhancement” charge, meaning that the district attorney is seeking an additional 60 days of real jail for the high speed (speed in excess of 30MPH over the posted limit on the highway) and reckless driving.

DUI lawyer Mark Blair goes to court with client.  District attorney is outraged by incredible speed of 153MPH, .18/.17 alcohol level, and open container of alcohol in vehicle.  In addition, district attorney discovers that client has previously been convicted of reckless driving.

DUI attorney Mark Blair successfully persuades the judge and district attorney to “strike” (dismiss) the 60 day speed allegation!  Despite 153 MPH, open container and .18/.17 alcohol level, client gets NO jail and has to do only 14 days of work on the sheriff’s work program!

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