Oakland DUI Case Outcome

OAKLAND DUI ATTORNEY MARK BLAIR TRANSFORMS OAKLAND  DUI accident with two vehicles, .12/.11 breath results at the scene and .10/.10 after arrest PLUS ambient into NO DUI! 

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At approximately 1:30am, police arrived at an accident scene.  Police discovered that client had smashed into two parked vehicles.   Client’s vehicle is in a lane of traffic, blocking it.  Keys are in the ignition. Police find client behind the steering wheel.

Police order client to get out of the vehicle.  When client exited the vehicle, client staggers badly.  Police observe client’s eyes to be red and blood shot.  Police detect an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from client.

Client had drunk wine and consumed ambien (a very strong central nervous depressant). Ambien (zolpidem) is a sedative, also called a hypnotic.  Ambien is used to treat insomnia. It causes a person to go to sleep very quickly.  When combined with alcohol, its effects can be greatly increased.

Police have client perform field sobriety tests.  During the first test, client sways noticeably.  Police had client estimate when 30 seconds elapsed.  When client said “that’s thirty”, it was 40 seconds.

Police had client perform the walk and turn test.  Police notice client staggering noticeably.  Client raised arms for balance.  Client was unable to walk in a straight line as instructed.

Police had client perform the one leg test.  Client raised her arms for balance during the test.  Client lowered her raised leg to the ground several times during the test to keep client’s balance.  Once 30 seconds had passed, client ended her count of one thousand nineteen (instead of one thousand thirty).

Police had client do the finger to nose test.  One finger touched client’s lip instead of nose.

Police examined client’s eyes.  During the nystagmus test, police observed a lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes.  Police estimate the onset of nystagmus to be 40 degrees in each eye.

Police have client blow twice into a hand held breath machine (preliminary alcohol screening device).  The first result is .124.  The second result is .114.

Police then arrest client.  After arrest, client submits to two additional breath tests, each of which were .10.

At court, client is charged with a DUI.  Despite having smashed into two vehicles, having .12/.11 roadside breath results, having taken ambien, and having .10/.10 breath results after arrest, client avoids a DUI!  Client receives a lesser charge, “wet reckless”, no jail and no community service!

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