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DUIs are complicated and need immediate attention.  If you have been arrested for a DUI in San Mateo County, you need a local attorney who is experienced and familiar with DUIs like DUI attorney Mark Blair.  Please call DUI lawyer Mark Blair at (650) 344-4343 to learn what Mark can do for you.  Read how he helped this client!

At about 2:30 in the morning, police are parked on a freeway on ramp and watch client roar past them on the freeway.  Police get on freeway and begin pursuing client.  Police use LIDAR to confirm client’s speed of 99MPH.  Police pull client over.

Upon contacting client, police detect a strong odor of alcohol coming from inside the vehicle.  Client is the sole occupant of the vehicle.  Police notice client’s eyes to be read and watery.  Police learn that client is on DUI probation.  Police have client submit to roadside breath tests, “PAS”, preliminary alcohol screening device.  PAS results are .125 and .126.

Police have client perform field sobriety tests.  Police examine client’s eyes (nystagmus test).  Police witness both of client’s eyes to lack smooth pursuit of the object being moved across client’s field of vision.  Police detect onset of nystagmus in both eyes before 45 degrees.  Police observe sustained “bouncing” of both eyes at the extremes (corners).

Police have client perform finger to nose test.  Client consistently fails to touch tip of each nose and instead touches nostrils.

Police have client do the one leg stand.  Client sways three inches.  Client drops raised foot to ground before finishing test.  Client does not count correctly.

Police have client do the finger count test.  Client thinks he did the test three times when in fact he does it only twice.

Police arrest client.  After arrest, client submits to a second series of breath tests, each of which are .10.

At court, client is charged with a third offense DUI.   Client also faces an additional 60 day jail enhancement for exceeding the posted limit on a freeway by 30 or more miles per hour (99MPH in 65), and exhibiting indicia of reckless driving.

Despite having two prior DUIs, speeding at 99MPH and being on probation, client receives NO JAIL.  Client can do 150 days in an out of state residential program!

If you are charged with a DUI in San Mateo County, you will have court in either Redwood City or South San Francisco.  Please contact Attorney Mark Blair, a lawyer who has extensively practiced DUI defense in San Mateo County.  Mark has an office located in the city of San Mateo.  Please call Mark at (650) 344-4343.  Mark offers a free consultation!

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