Contra Costa DUI DMV win

Contra Costa DUI DMV win: .17 and no license suspension!

If you suffer a DUI arrest in Contra Costa, you will have court for your DUI in Martinez, Pittsburg, Richmond or Walnut Creek. Please call Contra Costa DUI lawyer Mark Blair to help you. You can reach DUI attorney Mark Blair at (925) 935-4343. Here is an example of what Mark did for a person arrested for a DUI in Contra Costa County.

At approximately 3am, police drove through a city parking garage. Inside the garage, the officer sees a vehicle parked. The engine is on and a person (client) is sitting in the driver’s seat. Client exits the vehicle and open the passenger door. Client seems to be moving objects around inside the vehicle. Obviously without anything else to do, and trying to pin something on someone, the officer approaches client and asks if the officer can speak with client.

The officer sees that client’s eyes are bloodshot. Client has a strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath. Client says that client was just at a bar and is waiting for two persons from the bar to arrive to give them a ride home.

Client admits to drinking a lot of beers. Police then check client’s eyes for gaze nystagmus. Client does not smoothly track the object that police move across client’s field of vision. Client’s eyes exhibit the onset of nystagmus (“bouncing”) at less than a 45 degree angle

Client does not do well on the field sobriety tests. Police instruct client to perform the walk and turn test. Client cannot complete it without raising client’s arms for balance. Client side steps rather than walking heel to toe.

Client’s misfortunes continue as police have client do other field sobriety tests. Client does the one leg stand test, but drops client’s raised foot three times before reaching 30 seconds. Client raises client’s arms to maintain balance.

Finally police administer the roadside breath tests. Client blows .166 and then .160. After arrest, client submits to a blood test whose results are .17. Police arrest client who promptly call DUI attorney Mark Blair.

DUI lawyer Mark Blair sets client’s administrative per se hearing. DUI attorney Mark Blair wins the .17 blood DMV hearing! Client keeps client’s license. Oh, one more thing: client is not convicted of anything in court, either!

If you are arrested for a DUI in Contra Costa, please call DUI lawyer Mark Blair at (925) 935-4343 for a free, confidential and informative consultation. DUI attorney Mark Blair can successfully help you too!

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