Contra Costa Accident

Contra Costa highway accident, .22 second offense DUI and …NO JAIL!!!

Contra Costa DUI attorney Mark Blair is no stranger to tough cases. Mark has successfully handled thousands of DUIs, many of which have accidents and high alcohol levels. In this Contra Costa DUI, DUI lawyer Mark Blair was able to completely avoid jail and the sheriff’s work program.

At approximately 9pm, CHP arrives at a terrible accident scene. Client loses control of client’s vehicle. Vehicle slams into the guardrail and leaves the roadway. The vehicle suffers major damage as it rolls over repeatedly before coming to rest at the bottom of an embankment. When police arrive, they find client trapped in client’s vehicle. Paramedics are working feverishly to extricate client from the vehicle. An ambulance rushes client to hospital.

Police claim that client is so intoxicated that client cannot even speak. Police detect a strong odor of alcohol on client’s breath. Client is the sole occupant of the vehicle and registered owner of the vehicle.

Paramedics transport client to emergency room. Blood is drawn; the alcohol content is .22. Client has a prior DUI.

Client hires Walnut Creek DUI lawyer Mark Blair. Mark goes with client to court. At court, DUI attorney Mark Blair is able to avoid all jail and all work as part of sentence. Instead, all client is sentence to is a fine, the DUI classes and an ankle worn alcohol detection monitor!

If you have the misfortune of being arrested for a DUI in Contra Costa, please contact DUI lawyer Mark Blair to help you. If you have a DUI in Contra Costa, you will have court in Walnut Creek, Pittsburg, Richmond or Martinez. DUI attorney Mark Blair has helped many persons like you get the best result in their DUI case. Please call Mark at (925) 935-4343.

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