Out of control in Walnut Creek

Out of control in Walnut Creek–high speed chase and spectacular accident with .18 BAC–but no jail! Client is speeding at 70MPH on 40MPH street.  Police catch up to client, but watch as client runs a red light!  Police activate overhead lights and pursue client, who does not stop.  Client roars through a stop sign not once but twice!  Client tries … Continue reading

DUI With Accident & Hit & Run

WALNUT CREEK DUI WITH ACCIDENT AND HIT AND RUN… NO DUI, NO HIT AND RUN and only a “WET RECKLESS” conviction! Walnut Creek DUI lawyer Mark Blair helped this person who had the following tough case. Police received a call of an accident and sped to the accident scene.  They interview the victim who claims that the other driver, my … Continue reading

Contra Costa Accident

Contra Costa highway accident, .22 second offense DUI and …NO JAIL!!! Contra Costa DUI attorney Mark Blair is no stranger to tough cases. Mark has successfully handled thousands of DUIs, many of which have accidents and high alcohol levels. In this Contra Costa DUI, DUI lawyer Mark Blair was able to completely avoid jail and the sheriff’s work program. At … Continue reading

Contra Costa DUI DMV win

Contra Costa DUI DMV win: .17 and no license suspension! If you suffer a DUI arrest in Contra Costa, you will have court for your DUI in Martinez, Pittsburg, Richmond or Walnut Creek. Please call Contra Costa DUI lawyer Mark Blair to help you. You can reach DUI attorney Mark Blair at (925) 935-4343. Here is an example of what … Continue reading