Oakland third offense DUI

Oakland third offense DUI plus hit and run and driving on a suspended license—NO DUI, just a drunk in public with a fine! DUI attorney Mark Blair helped this client completely avoid a DUI, and it was a doozy!  After you read what DUI lawyer Blair did for this person, imagine how he can help you! Witness leaving his friend’s … Continue reading

Oakland DUI Court Results

DRIVING LIKE A ROCKET AT 153 MPH ON FREEWAY, WITH OPEN CONTAINER, OVER TWO TIMES THE LEGAL LIMIT AT .18/.17, WITH A PRIOR RECKLESS DRIVING AND…NO JAIL!!! Alameda County DUI lawyer Mark Blair helped this person get out of a huge problem. At 3am, police are in disbelief as they watch a vehicle roar by them at well over 100MPH.  … Continue reading

Oakland DUI Case Outcome

OAKLAND DUI ATTORNEY MARK BLAIR TRANSFORMS OAKLAND  DUI accident with two vehicles, .12/.11 breath results at the scene and .10/.10 after arrest PLUS ambient into NO DUI!  Arrested for a DUI in Oakland or elsewhere in Alameda County?  Please call DUI lawyer Mark Blair at (510) 845-4343.  Look at how DUI attorney Blair helped this person! At approximately 1:30am, police … Continue reading

New DUI Interlock Law

NEW DUI INTERLOCK LAW NOW IN EFFECT FOR ALAMEDA COUNTY DUI attorney Mark Blair knows DUI law.  Please call Mark so that he can help you navigate through this maze of complex laws.  DUI lawyer Mark Blair has appeared with thousands of persons on their DUIs and obtained wonderful results.  Let Mark help you too! Convictions for a DUI in … Continue reading

2012 DUI update

2012 DUI update! Are there any new DUI laws in 2012 that can affect the outcome of a DUI case? Yes! The California legislature passed a law that went into effect on January 1, 2012 that actually improves the outcome of a second offense DUI. Here is the background about the problem and solution:  a person, several years ago, charged … Continue reading