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DOUBLE DUI with DUI prior, accident, child endangerment & hit/run, but NO JAIL!

What a night client had!  Client is driving with client’s family, including two children and spouse, when client smashes into another vehicle.  The driver of the other car is injured!  But client does not stop.  Client drives away and speeds home.  But client’s vehicle loses its bumper at the scene. Police arrive and locate client’s bumper and run client’s license … Continue reading


Client is in a hurry!  California Highway Patrol officers spot client as client is zooming over the Bay Bridge at speeds reaching 70MPH in 40MPH zone. Police pull client over and observe client to have slow speech and red/watery eyes.  Police then examine client’s eyes for horizontal gaze nystagmus.  Police note that client’s eyes displayed a lack of smooth pursuit … Continue reading

Out of control in Walnut Creek

Out of control in Walnut Creek–high speed chase and spectacular accident with .18 BAC–but no jail! Client is speeding at 70MPH on 40MPH street.  Police catch up to client, but watch as client runs a red light!  Police activate overhead lights and pursue client, who does not stop.  Client roars through a stop sign not once but twice!  Client tries … Continue reading